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CX650 Turbo
« Started on: 03-Mar-21, 11:48 »
Have been chasing a cx650 Turbo for a while and have finally bought one.  I did own one back in 1983 and should never have sold it...

Any suggestions for the basics such as type of Oil, fuel and spark plugs?

Any other owners on this site have a cx650 turbo?

Thanks in advance,


Re: CX650 Turbo
« Reply #1 on: 03-Mar-21, 12:37 »
There are a few members on this forum that, as far as I know, still have a CX650 turbo.

You will need to use 95 or 98 fuel and any 15W40 oil that is JASC spec is OK to use.

From memory a few members use the Penrite HPR 10W50 light diesel oil as it meets JASC specs and is high zinc to help prevent wear.



Re: CX650 Turbo
« Reply #2 on: 03-Mar-21, 12:57 »
Thanks Seagrass,

a light diesel oil sounds a bit scary, but thank you.  I'll google some more to find out if others have used.  Thanks again


Re: CX650 Turbo
« Reply #3 on: 04-Mar-21, 15:40 »
Hi Kendallsr welcome to the forum.
Just as an aside, how did you acquire a 650 turbo back in 1983 and why did you dispose of it?
Do you know where it is now.
"Young" Les F


Re: CX650 Turbo
« Reply #4 on: 04-Mar-21, 16:41 »
Hi OneTrack, thanks for your message. I'm from the UK and brought one brand new back in 1983 from HGB motorcycles in ruislip.  I traded in my current CX 500 and it cost around 2,800 pounds.  Sold it on after a couple of years when I needed to buy a house.  In recent years I have bought a CX500 shadow and have been thoroughly enjoying riding. However, always wanted to get another cx650 turbo and one recently came up although its an American import.  It's being delivered next week and I'll be keen to do a basic service before I attempt to start it and reached out to see what others might be using for oil and spark plugs..



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