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Gear shift problem
« Started on: 26-Feb-21, 02:08 »
Back in the late 90`s when Betsy, my 78 CX500 was my everyday transport, I took off the back cover to put in a new mechanical seal. After replacing the cover, found that when changing gear the pedal would not return properly. I got around this by bodging, connected two springs to the shift lever, one from the exhaust coupling and the other from the starter. This worked ok and I put a lot of miles in until she was retired around 2008. Anyway, finally have begun her re-build, currently on with the engine which I stripped down completely and am now putting back together with new rings, seals etc. From what I have seen on various forums, the culprit for the non-returning lever was probably the little spring which connects the shifter pawl to the shift arm. I managed to get a new one so fitted that. But having put the rear casing back on, seem to have the same problem !. Bit puzzled now. Another culprit I believe can be neglecting to fit the washer on the shift pawl rod, but that is definitely on. I have attached a photo of the mechanism as it is now, can anyone see anything that I am missing or have installed incorrectly ?. Any thoughts/advice much appreciated. I guess if needs be, I can knock up that tried and tested external spring set up, but would rather try to sort it out properly if I can.  [ You are not allowed to view this attachment ]  


Re: Gear shift problem
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it looks about the same as mine I have a 650  this photo was in neutral (pretty sure). sorry photo is a bit dark.


Re: Gear shift problem
« Reply #2 on: 08-Mar-21, 19:40 »
Sorry I meant to reply to this but forgot to.

Unfortunately I have nothing constructive to add but maybe @CX PHREAK does as he often has an engine apart.



Re: Gear shift problem
« Reply #3 on: 08-Mar-21, 20:30 »
It looks to be all there so could the trouble be in the gear lever shaft which could be binding on the case when assembled?


Re: Gear shift problem
« Reply #4 on: 09-Mar-21, 02:31 »
Check the shifter spindle for signs of binding on the case. Diagonally opposed wear marks will indicate a slight bend you may not be able to see.

 Using too thin a rear cover gasket can have the same effect.

 With the rear cover on did the shifter shaft have any end float? There should be a little.

There are 3 thrust washers when putting the bits back in before the rear cover goes on. Two go either side of the starter motor idler gear and the other one on the front end of the gear shift spindle.

 You don't have two on the front of the shifter shaft?

EDIT You could fit the shift spindle independent of the connecting linkage and fit the rear cover with four of the large bolts and check if the spindle binds in the assembly on its own to try to isolate the source of the problem.


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