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URGENT: Change of location for 2016 National Rally

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Hi Folks,

The purpose of the message is to advise you of a change of location for the 2016 VJMC National Rally which is being organised by the ACT & Southern NSW Region members.

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the 2016 VJMC National Rally committee it has become necessary to move the rally to a different location - it will now be based at Capital Country Holiday Park located in Sutton, NSW (just off the Federal Highway near the ACT border and approximately 15kms north-east of Canberra City).

Some of the benefits of moving the rally to Capital Country Holiday Park include:
*  onsite accommodate for a greater number of people;
*  a wider variety of accommodation (including very affordable bunkhouse accommodation);
*  ample parking and excellent access for trailers;
*  hardstand vehicle washing areas; and
*  the ability to have our Saturday night dinner onsite.

In addition, Capital Country Holiday Park has generously offered to sponsor our rally by providing discounted accommodation rates for all rally entrants (up to $37 per night).

Contact details for Capital Country Holiday Park are as follows:
Address:   47 Bidges Road, Sutton  NSW  2620
Phone:     1800 664 269 or (02) 6230 3433
Fax:          (02) 6230 3483

Important information for people who have already made an accommodation booking at Alivio Tourist Park for the 2016 Rally

On 29 May a message was posted on this forum advising that the 2016 VJMC National Rally would be based at Alivio Tourist Park.  The rally committee are aware that, based on this information, some people have already made a booking at Alivio Tourist Park for the 2016 rally.

According to the Alivio’s terms and conditions anyone who has made a ‘Standard’ booking (ie, paid a deposit of the first night’s accommodation at the full rate) is entitled to a full refund of the deposit.

However, and also according to the Alivio’s terms and conditions, anyone who has made an ‘Advanced Purchase’ booking (ie, booked a Ridge View, Wattle Glen or Woodland Cabin and paid in full at a 15% discounted rate) may not receive a refund.  The rally committee acknowledges that people who made non-refundable bookings at Alivio on or after 29 May did so in good faith and, accordingly, we are willing to offer compensation to help cover the cost of travel between Alivio and Capital Country Holiday Park (15kms each way) over the weekend of the rally.  Please contact us as soon as possible (send an email message to if you made a non-refundable booking between 29 May and 11 August.

Phil Dawes & Kathy Leslie
Committee Members
ACT & SNSW Region
2016 VJMC National Rally

What happened Kathy? Place burn down or something?

That looks like the same park we had the CX rally in 2011. Hope there's no Jayco club people there, if there are, we need to protect Harry.  😜

82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie:

It would appear that it is the same place - so it should be a good venue. Pity about the people who may have already pre-booked and lost their funds at Alivio.

I think Harry is a worthy candidate for the Jayco admiration society as well... 2funny

Is the Sutton location big enough for the Rally?  I cannot remember how big the place is - but it was a good size.

Dr Don:
That was my recollection of where the CX Rally was too, and the camping facilities were MUCH better than Alivio's.
I now have a much more positive outlook to think of attending the 2016 Rally.   It's also a bit easier to get to from Cann River and the Monaro Highway, because you can stay further away from Canberra suburbia, and less turns are needed to arrive at Sutton.  I seem to remember a fair bit of real country road from the Monaro to the Federal Hwy..


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