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Hi Folks,

The 2016 VJMC National Rally will be held in Canberra and Southern NSW from 4-6 March and will be based at the Capital Country Holiday Park.

I will post more information (and the registration form) as it becomes available.


Edited on 23 August to add Registration Form

Thanks Kathy, I had a GREAT time this year and I am intending to be there again in 2016 and I believe my travelling buddy Terry will also be attending.


Thanks Kathy. I will put it on my calendar. Not sure if I will be on a bike or in the Motorhome.
If anyone missed it this year you need to make the effort in 2016

I might have a better chance next year.

Mins Man:
Geez....who plans that far ahead?
I don't even buy unripe bananas!   :grandpa:


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