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Front Fork Oil-Seals - CX650E - Size, Availability
« Started on: 13-Oct-21, 10:04 »
I need to replace the fork seals on my CX650E.  The parts fiche shows only #32 which is the oil-seal and the dust seal.  I'd prefer to only purchase the oil-seal, and I'd also prefer to buy from a local bearing/seal supplier if I can quote the dimensions.  So, I can't find the dimensions quoted anywhere (not even on Motofaction) and am faced with paying dealer prices for the seals plus the unwanted dust-seals.  Can anyone offer some (kindly) advice?



Marvellous Seagrass!  I've ordered a pair of seals ($17.64) and avoided paying $89.54 for the OEM option.   :good:


I would suggest that original Honda seals will outlast aftermarket ones by a considerable time. The differance in cost becomes immaterial when you have to pull your forks apart every year or so because the cheap seals crapped out on you .


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