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Kiwi Rider Touring Oz
« Started on: 03-Sep-21, 10:18 »
Hi Folks-Something to keep you happy during lockdown-Sorry I cant do a shortcut to this but........
There is a Kiwi currently riding around Oz who is renowned for taking good pics and writing excellent reports.-You can view him on:
Kiwi Bike Forum-tab down to Adventure/Dual Purpose Bikes-tab to Jatz Travels and start at  page 34, #503 for the trip so far-You can go to his earlier posts if you wish,depends on your weather and state of lockdown.


Re: Kiwi Rider Touring Oz
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Re: Kiwi Rider Touring Oz
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as a KBer since 04, JATZ has always been a good one... loves his adventures

white knight

Re: Kiwi Rider Touring Oz
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Thanks Kathy,I always have problems doing that correctly.-Yeah DD have followed him forever,be nice to meet up sometime although I sold my CX fleet some time back.


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