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Air Valve
« Started on: 26-Aug-21, 19:13 »
Hi all,

I hope everyone is coping well with all this lockdown business.

I've just removed the air and reed valves from the bike to see if there is a problem as the fast idle when the bike is cold is not working.  A couple of questions.

1.  At what voltage does the air valve heating element operate?  I assume it is 12vdc as it runs off the same circuit as the fuel pump but can't find any confirmation of this in the manuals.

2.  At fully cold the valve seems to be open just a little, only about a 1mm, instead of fully open.  I remember seeing an article somewhere a little while back regarding repairing and adjusting the air valve.  Can anyone possibly point me to the article if the know it or give me some pointers before I attempt to disassemble this thing.

The reed valves seem to be working fine.

Cheers and thanks,


Re: Air Valve
« Reply #1 on: 26-Aug-21, 23:39 »
Hi all,

I've found the information I was after:

1.  Yes, it is 12vdc.  I get 98 Ω across the pins so it should be ok.

2.  The article was a thread on the CX500Forum:  https://www.cx500forum.com/threads/air-by-pass-valve-17810-mc7-003.112222/#post-1073467

I've adjusted the air valve as much as possible but it still won't fully open.  I get about half which will have to do for the time being.

I don't think there is anything to gained by cracking the unit open, not much to play with in there.  Unless anyone has other ideas.



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