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Mechanical water pump seal
« Started on: 12-Jul-21, 18:35 »
Anyone have any luck with Mechanical water pump seal for a 1981 or earlier cx500 ? I’m struggling to find the original smaller size. I am aware that I can resize the water pump to take the larger one but would prefer not to

Thanks in advance


Re: Mechanical water pump seal
« Reply #1 on: 12-Jul-21, 20:01 »
The smaller mech seals are no longer available and Honda now only supplies the larger mech seal regardless of which part number you order and I am not aware of an aftermarket mech seal of the correct size.

Years ago you used to be able to purchase a mech seal from a Yamaha that was much cheaper than the Honda mech seal. From memory this was the smaller size mech seal so there is a very slight possibility that you may be able to still get the Yamaha mech seal. Unfortunately I do not remember any more details about the Yamaha mech seal but a search of this website may turn up some more info.

If you enlarge the mech seal hole in the rear cover make sure you do not enlarge the oil seal hole behind it! Enlarging the hole to take the larger mech seal will allow you to use aftermarket mech seals that are less than $20


UPDATE: After a search of the site it looks like the Yamaha seal was also the larger one so it looks like the best option left is to enlarge the current hole. Check out the following link for the procedure,



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