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Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #50 on: 11-Jul-21, 10:32 »
Did you decide on any other "routine" work while it was in "bare form"? Did it take you the better part of the day as implied 2shocked...

Just about to sweep out the garage  to do the CX's engine oil and filter today and the final drive oil after a decent run


Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #51 on: 11-Jul-21, 21:16 »
I checked the air filter, and learnt a bit more about it, but that is about it. I would guess it took me four or five hours all up, but I hadn't done it before. It will be a lot quicker next time.

Had a nice run this afternoon- 160ks around the area and a couple of hours. This might give a few a hint as to where.


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